Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 39 - Surin, Thailand (November 23, 2014)

Thanksgiving not alot of update from Elder Matt Boonmee. Lots of his email were about his personal requests for the upcoming Christmas, dress pants and etc.. So, below is all we got.

"Tell everyone I say hello! 
This week was a whole lot of hard work. We have been inviting more than 4 hours and teaching as hard and as faith filled as possible. We are trying to meet our goals as much as possible. Once it came down to the last few days we weren't going to be able to meet our goals. But the Lord prepares ways. When the last day, Sunday, came around we had a ton of new investigators and past people come to church. It was amazing to see. We will be able to meet our goal for the month, but we need to our best, and keep our faith strong to meet this goal. The Lords provides ways. Other than that, that was pretty much it.

One thing also, You need to stop talking to the members here. It is like we are having constant contact and President Senior asks that we don't do that. Also the reason why I don't write very long is because I don't know what to talk about. You guys send letters that are really short so I don't know what to say, so my letters are the same length as your letters. 
Well that's all! 
Elder Boonmee"

Week 38 - Surin, Thailand (November 16, 2014)

This past week was insane! There was a lot of things that happened. This was the large elephant round up. So there were elephants everywhere, constantly. I even rode my bike by one and was able to give it a good spank. We got to see the big show as well. All awesome stuff.

We did a lot of Less Active work as well. Sister and Elder Peterson came to help us do that work. We got a huge group and all split up to find some Less Active members. Then the Saturday, Sister and President Senior came for the Elephant show. Then ended up staying and helped us with a whole lot of work. This week was hard, and there really hasn't been too many new investigators. We had two investigators come on Sunday, so we barely made it by. But all in all, it has been fun here in Surin.

Love you all

Elder Boonmee