Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 10, Sakon Nakorn, Thailand (with a new companion)

Here is a handful of insects that I ate. Just really random.

Anyways I am doing great! My Thai has improved a lot. I never realized this but earlier in the Mission, I hadn't asked for the Gift of Tongues in my prayers, but since I have my Thai has gotten exponentially better. That small little addition is helping me out. Also I didn't receive this blessing because I just asked for it, it was the purpose behind it. I asked the Lord to give me this help so that I may share the gospel more fully and with more strength in the things I say... 
...So this past week was the last week with my trainer Elder Jex. We worked hard on the last few days until transfer meeting. Then we had an 11 hour bus ride from Sakon Nakhon to Bangkok. Once we got there we went straight to the Transfer Meeting. (Keep in mind I haven't showered yet) 
Then I met up with my cousin Elder Smith. We sat together during the meeting. But my new companion is Elder Hogan. He is from Salt Lake City and we are very much similar. He has a guitar so I definitely take advantage of that. 


I split off from the transfer meeting to go renew my visa and that took 8 hours to do. So we ended up missing our bus back home. So we rescheduled our bus tickets to a later time. We made it to a bus that left at 9:30 at night. So we had another 11 hour bus ride back to Sakon Nakhon. (Once again...I still haven't showered..) 

I finally got to Sakon Nakhon around 8 am. Then I finally got to shower. 

That was most of that trip. 

I love you all and I hope that you find joy in the world. Make sure you go to the Temple because I won't be able to go to the temple for 2 years. Take advantage of that! Not too many people get to have three different temples within a 30 minute drive!

Once again, I am very sure I have eaten dog already. Sakon=Dog eating country

Week 9, sakon Nakorn, Thailand (April 21, 2014)

Songkraan was very fun. We didn't get the luxury of having a pickup truck take us around. We walked up and down the streets with buckets and just asked people if we could use their water. I'll send some photos your way. I don't have a lot of pictures because there was no way of taking it with me without it getting wet...

...Here are some highlights from the week.

Monday- It was the second day of Songkraan and p-day. Elder Tanner got attacked by old grandmas trying to splash him, Elder Astle got kissed by a ka-toey and Elder Jex got asked and clawed to have halfie kids with a lady (Thais love to tease American). The funniest was when we were all headed down the street and there was a ka-toey's house. They saw us and said, "Hello!!!" and started walking towards us. As soon as we saw, we turned and ran... so did the ka-toey. We ran for our lives. One key point I got was whenever the white elders would splash cars, the Khon Thais would love it! But as soon as they saw me, they looked like they wanted to kill me haha

Tuesday- Last day of Songkraan. Pretty much the same day as Monday. We got Pang (scented powdered) smeared all over us. 

Wednesday- We had a lesson with our investigator Sister Nang. She is so amazing. I remember the first time we met her, she was planning on giving us the Book of Mormon back to us but we reassured to her that this is the best thing she could ever do. She was baptized Yesterday on Sunday.

Thursday- We had another awesome investigator named Sister Bii. We met her on the street as she was selling her food. I remember the first few lessons we asked her, will you follow these commandments and she would always say, "If it's true.. Definitely." She has definitely realized this is true and was baptized yesterday as well!
Friday- Not too good of a day. The couple that got baptized last week, didn't want to follow through with the church. They needed to receive the Holy Ghost but they just basically told us, "Their family is Buddhist, and they are too." It was definitely really hard to hear.

Saturday- Not too much happened. Mountain Dew was having a promotion in the same area as I was inviting. They were giving out free mountain dews, you know, to get every hooked on it. 

Sunday- We had the baptism of Sister Bii and Sister Nang. They are so awesome. I am so excited for them.

I realize as time goes on, the only reason why people fall away or don't progress, is because they don't read the Book of Mormon everyday, pray everyday, and don't go to church every week. Those are three principle facts that need to be followed. They are so important. So I hope you can find joy in everyday and turn outwards, instead of inwards.

Look up a talk by David A Bednar called "The Character of Christ"
Week 8, Sakon Nakorn, Thailand (April 13, 2014)

"I got to watch the conference these past two days! It was really awesome. I don't think I've paid this much attention and received so much revelation. Some of the main key points that I picked up was how big the internet is, and how to make family life better. I can't remember who said it, but they said that the key points in having a strong family bond is praying together, reading the scriptures together, and having family home evening...

...Right now I currently don't have my camera. I am not carrying anything because it's songkraan. Crazy story, yesterday we watched conference, it was also the first day of Sonkraan. So we had our suits on and got drenched. I was the leader of the bikes and I got drenched. My whole suit soaked through. I also had an old guy touch my face as I was riding my bike rushing through everything. Except he didn't even have "bang" so he just touched my face for no reason.. So today and tomorrow, we can't even do missionary work because everyone is in this water fight. It is quite weird...

I also had a handful of an assortment of bugs. I will send the picture next week. 

Not too much happened this past week. I can't remember a lot because I don't have my journal. Yesterday it rained really hard. the streets got flooded and he had to come home early because we aren't supposed to be out at night during songkraan. 

The missionary work is coming rapidly and we are working our hardest to have a temple here อีกไม่นาน (soon) "
Week 7. Sakon Nakorn, Thailand

This week Elder Matt Boonmee had a visit from Brother Boothom, the sunday school district leader from Udon, about 300 Kilometers from Sakon Nakon province. Brother Boonthom serviced a mission prior to me in the 80's. The following is from Elder Matt Boonmee.

"...Brother Boonthom told me that he remembered you. When Elder Brown was baring his testimony he said my name and Brother Boonthom said he remember the name..." other than that. "...
Not too much happened this week, we had some pretty hard lessons with an investigator but she doesn't want to follow through. 

Songkraan  (annual water festival) is starting this Saturday.

I forgot my journal so I can't remember what happened during the week. One thing I do remember was when I was feeling super down about talking to that one guy the other week, and felt down about how many people were just rejecting us, so I said a prayer in my head asking the lord to give me comfort and to show that he really is there. It was extremely cloudy and rainy, so I asked just to show a sliver of light in the sky. So we went and took a break at the house and when I came out, I was tucking my pants into my sock (Because of my bike) the sun shined right where I put my foot up. The sun shined through the clouds, through the apartment complex and right to me. I know he is there for me and will always be there. "