Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 31 - Surin, Thailand

วันนี้น้องลิลลี่เขาบ่นคิดถึงอาแม็ท ผมเลยบอกเขาว่า งั้นเรามาถ่ายรูปให้อาแม็ทซิ ที่เหลือก็เป็นอีเมลจาก เอ็ลเดอร์แม็ท บุญมี
We came home from church today and Lilly told us how much she misses her uncle, Elder Matt Boonmee. To help her, we asked if she wanted to take some pictures to send to her uncle (since Sunday is Elder Matt Boonmee's P-Day).

"We took couple pictures of her and sent them to Elder Matt Boonmee.  In addition, we also updated him about our ward and about the opportunity we had, to substitute in CTR 3-7, Daysie's primary class, as teachers. The lesson was on "Paying Tithing". We told him about the games and activities we had in class with the children. Below is Elder Matt Boonmee email to us.

Keep sending photos, I want to just see them as they are (referring to the picture of his niece, Lilly). 

Yeah I just got an email from him (Elder Drew Jex, who returned home to Provo, Utah after he trained elder Matt Boonmee), I haven't read it yet but I'm excited.
The area we are in is a branch. The members are a little funny and loving,
but we will work hard to try to make this a more functioning branch. It's been a little hard on the work, this pass week,  because we have to do a lot of moving and getting things out of the Sisters old apartment. But we received some new instruction on our missionary work. President Senior sent a video that was talking about our mission. It really helped me become a more faith filled missionary. Sometimes, you feel that the work is a routine and redundant, like a check list we go through from day to day, but really,  it's how much faith you have in the Lord. All things are possible with the Lord. I am constantly reminded that this is not our work. This isn't some vacation, but this is the work of salvation. Helping our Brothers and Sisters come back unto Christ.

That is all I've got for today. I don't have much else. Tell everyone I love them!

Also that black mask thing is a liquid latex thing. Elder Beebe and I did it. It was pretty funny."
New investigator brought us donuts

Being goofy
Yeah! its me
Us being weird

Another goofy picture of us

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 30 - Surin, Thailand

See below for English----

ถึงแล้วครับสุรินทร์ เพื่อนคนใหม่ของผมชื่อเอ็ลเดอร์ บีบี เขามาจาก Pennsylvania เขาเป็นน้องใหม่ของผมเพราะผมผึ้งได้รับแต่งตั้งให้เป็นรุ่นพี่ ผมรู้สึกว่าผมยังไม่พร้อมเลยแต่ผมดีใจ

ที่สุรินทร์ยังเป็นสาขาเล็กๆ แต่ละอาทิตย์ จะมีผู้มาประชุมกับเราประมาณ 40-50 คน อาทิตย์นี้มีมา 41 คน
สมาชิกแต่ละคนน่ารักและตลกดี ผมรู้สึกว่าสมาชิกอาจน้อยใจนิดหนึ่งเพราะก่อนหน้านี้เขาเคยมีซิสเตอร์ เดี๋ยวนี้เรามีเอ็ลเดอร์ 4 คน แต่ไม่มีซิสเตอร์

รูปถ่ายที่ผมส่งมาเป็นวัวที่วิ่งเกือบชนผมขณะที่กำลังจะถ่ายรูป อิกรูปเป็นรูปของบ้าน, โบสถ์, และรูปสุดท้ายเป็นชายหนุ่มขายของที่ผมเจอ

อิกอย่างที่ผมเกือบลืมบอก ที่ประชุม ผมเจอ ชิสเตอร์ Grover เขาบอกว่าเขาเป็นลูกสาวของเพื่อนของคุณพ่อที่เคยเป็นผู้สอนที่ประเทศไทย เวลาเราน้อยเลยไม่ได้คุยกันมากเท่าไหร่ เพื่อนผมอิกคนหนึ่ง ชื่อ Paxton ก็ผึ้งจะมาถึง คุณพ่อจำเขาได้ไหมครับ เขาเคยไว้ปมยาวตอนที่เขามางาน farewell ของผม
As the mentioned during our mid-week update, elder Matt Boonmee arrived in Surin safe and already hard at work.  During the transfer week, Elder Matt Boonmee had a chance get with his cousin, Elder Jacob Smith, who was also transferred from Rangsit (Bangkok) to Phitsanulok (northern Thailand). Elder Matt Boonmee also had a chance to meet with Sister Grover, just arrived in Thailand, a daughter of a friend who served in Thailand with me.

Here's the first couple pictures from Surin. He's already been chased by a bull cow while attempting to take this picture.
Hurry! take the picture. It's charging me!!!

In Surin, they have a large house, two rooms with air conditioning, the rest of the house only has fans. The missionaries are white-washing in Surin. Previously, there were two sister and the elders serving in Surin. The sisters are no longer in Surin. Needless to say, some members were little disappointed when all they saw were elders this Sunday.

Below is Elder Matt Boonmee's email to us:

"SO! Here we are. I am now in Surin. I'm back out in the Isan. I have a new companion and his name Elder Gabe Beebe,. He is from Pennsylvania and he's pretty cool. We like the same music so that is a good sign. 

Also, another thing that happened this transfer, is that I am now Senior companion. It was a little scary to know, but I think we've got a good grip on everything. Here in Surin, all four of the Elders are white washed in. Needless to say, we have no idea where anything is. 

When we got here, we found out we had an actual house.
New shoes from Thailand. Yes, I know they don't match.
The house is quite large! It's way too big for just Elders. But we only have two rooms where there is air so we pretty much sweat out everything. 

Then, we saw our church (Look in the Photos) It is a little tiny church. Weekly, we get about 30-50 people. This last Sunday there was 41 people. 

Elder Paxton, my friend from home.
Also, the members are a little nutty but very awesome. They are a hilarious group of people. Also, in that photo with the bull. It was ready to charge me, I just got a photo in time. 

Also Elder Paxton, my friend from home, finally got here! He came to my farewell a long time ago. He used to have really long hair, but now he is out on that mission life. 

I also met a native american looking Khon
First Thai Native American Indian
Thai I love you all!! Tell everyone I miss them! 

Elder Boonmee"

Friday, September 19, 2014

Transfer Week - Bangkhen, Thailand To Surin, Thailand (September 18, 2014)

Well, the anticipated transfer has arrived. My wife and I were hoping Elder Matt Boonmee would get to Chiang Mai this transfer. Most of his extended family, on his mother side, whom he hasn't seen since he was 3 years old, still live in this beautiful part of Thailand. Nonetheless, we know he's very happy to serve his father in heaven wherever he is needed.

In this case, Elder Matt Boonmee is heading to Surin, a norther-eastern province bordering Cambodia, where the famous Angkor Wat is located.

The following are some pictures and videos at the transfer meeting.
With his MTC group at the transfer meeting

Packed, loaded, and ready to move to Surin province, where elephants roam.

The meeting

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 29 - Bangkhen, Thailand (August 14, 2014)

Another week. Hope you are all doing well. If you do meet up with Drew Jex (last companion while in Sakon Nakhon), tell him I said hi and miss him.

The video, you asked about, was just a game that we played for FHE. I messed up and I spilled the cornstarch, so I had to try and get the candy with my mouth.

I didn't know Kenny got married, how are the Bensons doing? Also the Parkinsons, how are they? Please send my best wishes to both Kenny and Braden.

I miss my nieces so much, I can't believe they are so grown up.

Just one thing this week, it is about Brother Golf, the taxi driver who was baptized last week. Little did we really know how much of a conversion he has had. In the photo is him in his taxi, he used to have Buddhism symbols all over his taxi, look carefully at the taxi meter, it was replaced with a Book of Mormon. He is so awesome. He says he doesn't have time when he is at home, so he says he reads during traffic jams. Hopefully the Book of Mormon won't be the accomplice in a car accident.

Just in the last couple weeks, brother Golf, has changed so much. He knows that the Lord is caring for him and that he is on the right path. He is now trying to get his wife to come along with him. But he said it's a little hard, but will be worth it. It's so great to hear about how much of a testimony he has, especially in that small amount of time that he has learned with us. The Lord really did place him in our path. Lucky for me, we needed a taxi that day.

So I guess that is all, this week is transfers and I might be moving, I won't know until later today. So by next week we will know what happens.

Tell everyone I love them!

Elder Boonmee

P.S. Couple more pictures

Nacho Libre
Just me

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 28 - Bangkhen, Thailand (September 7, 2014)

Thank you for all your prayers and letters. I'm doing great. As always, we are working very hard. This past week we got some new instruction on the way to have missionary work done. So the way things go on here might change in a little bit. Nothing too great or bad happened. Just a pretty mellow week.

We are always putting away apostasy like whack-a-mole. But always keeping strong.
One thing that I have learned lately, is that Baptism don't measure success. I hear too many people saying, "This area was hard or the work there was rough. We didn't see any baptisms". But in all reality, you learn from those experiences. You begin to understand why you are there. You build a stronger relationship with the Lord. To me, that is what success is all about.

We got some new direction from Elder Funk. We also got a photo with him with the Elders from my group. I also saw Elder Smith. I see him a lot more than I thought I would, we are pretty much right next to each other in the mission.

(referring to his nieces pictures we sent him) I can't believe those two are getting so old. Daysie looks so much older now. By the time I get back they will be too old for uncle Matt.

(referring to his mom's new laptop) Tell mom to get high-tech on that stuff. It's good because then she will be able to email me finally haha

Anyways, I love you all. I really can't think of much else to say.

Love Elder Boonnmee

Week 27 - Bangkhen, Thailand (August 31, 2014)

This weekend we went to Meridian, Idaho to visit my parents but was able to email back and forth with Elder Matt Boonmee while we were there. This week, one of Elder Matt Boonmee's best friends, Sister Becca Yost, was leaving for her mission. We were very disappointed, for not being able to attend sister Becca Yost's farewell. Needless to say, we are so proud of all of all of elder Matt Boonmee's friends.

Enough about us. Here's Elder Matt Boonmee's update this week.

"Hey tell grandma and grandpa I say hello!

Tell Becca I said Hi and that I miss her!

Well this week we had Brother Golf baptized! He is a taxi driver I told you about a week or so back. We first met him a few weeks ago as we were on my way to pick up my Tan suit. (Look at photo).

As you know, due to Bangkok traffic, the taxi ride was about an hour long. We ended up having an opportunity to strike up a conversation  about our church and what we do here in Thailand. Before we got to our destination, we were able to invite him to come to see us at church. To our surprise, he said that he was willing to come to church. Again, the hands of the lord was at work.

During our first meeting with Brother Golf, we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ, law of chastity, word of wisdom, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. Right then and there he had NO problems. He said he already has a family and the law of chastity is not a problem for him. As for the Word of Wisdom, he said he was already thinking about quitting smoking. 

Later that week he said that he prayed for help on quitting smoking and he quit right then and there! As we kept teaching him we realized we had a golden investigator. Brother Golf is such a humble man. It was great to see him baptized. 

Something I realized this last few weeks, is that we just need to have enough faith that the Lord is preparing people. He isn't preparing bronze or silver, but GOLDEN investigators. The Lord knows where his elects are, He knows their names, But what good does that do for me? Faith is such a vital point in this work.

anyways, tell the family I love them!

Elder Boonmee"

Week 26 - Bangkhen, Thailand (August 24, 2014)

Everything is good here in BangKhen. We had a baptism yesterday. Little did we know how important this was for her family. Her name is Sister หญิง (Ying). Her parents were members already, and we thought that she was already a member as well. Turned out she hadn't been baptized. So her mom wanted us to start teaching her. Normally, when Elders in Thailand teach, we usually go through the lessons and get it done very fast. In sister หญิง (Ying) case however, her mom just wanted us to teach her the prayer. So that's what we did. But the next lesson we had, was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before I continue, let me also put some small background on their family.

Sister หญิง (Ying)'s mom had always wanted her to go to church but she wouldn't. She never liked church or wanted to go. Her mom was constantly working in different areas so she didn't live with her mom. Nonetheless, her mom never gave up. He mom prayed everyday that she could see her daughter be baptized. By the hands of the lord and her mother's prayers, she was, now, taking the lesson with us.

We extended the baptismal commitment and Sister หญิง accepted it with no hesitation. Her mom was in shock and just said, "What? Wait, this is your own choice you know that right?" and Sister หญิง said, "I want to be Baptized. Her mom was so happy and just started hugging her during the lesson.

I was so thankful and honored to play a part, as an instrument in heavenly father's hands. Elder Hill and I had very little to nothing to do with this. We were such a small part in what the Lord had already prepared. We were honored to have been a part of her Baptism.

Sometimes I never know how much of an effect missionary work has on others. I feel like we are constantly working, have no clue how important and amazing our work is. But then, there it was, a Baptism.

I can't believe how old Lilly and Daysie look. They look like teenagers. I hope they aren't taller than me in the future.... You are raising very expensive granddaughters. That is all up to you.

Physically, I have been exercising every morning in the Gym. I think I'm about 65 Kilos now? I don't think I've changed much.
Spiritually, I have received so many answers to prayers in this small time of missionary work.

I hope that was more than the last few weeks, I just don't ever know what to say. The days are all mushing together.

Elder Boonmee