Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 29 - Bangkhen, Thailand (August 14, 2014)

Another week. Hope you are all doing well. If you do meet up with Drew Jex (last companion while in Sakon Nakhon), tell him I said hi and miss him.

The video, you asked about, was just a game that we played for FHE. I messed up and I spilled the cornstarch, so I had to try and get the candy with my mouth.

I didn't know Kenny got married, how are the Bensons doing? Also the Parkinsons, how are they? Please send my best wishes to both Kenny and Braden.

I miss my nieces so much, I can't believe they are so grown up.

Just one thing this week, it is about Brother Golf, the taxi driver who was baptized last week. Little did we really know how much of a conversion he has had. In the photo is him in his taxi, he used to have Buddhism symbols all over his taxi, look carefully at the taxi meter, it was replaced with a Book of Mormon. He is so awesome. He says he doesn't have time when he is at home, so he says he reads during traffic jams. Hopefully the Book of Mormon won't be the accomplice in a car accident.

Just in the last couple weeks, brother Golf, has changed so much. He knows that the Lord is caring for him and that he is on the right path. He is now trying to get his wife to come along with him. But he said it's a little hard, but will be worth it. It's so great to hear about how much of a testimony he has, especially in that small amount of time that he has learned with us. The Lord really did place him in our path. Lucky for me, we needed a taxi that day.

So I guess that is all, this week is transfers and I might be moving, I won't know until later today. So by next week we will know what happens.

Tell everyone I love them!

Elder Boonmee

P.S. Couple more pictures

Nacho Libre
Just me

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