Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 31 - Surin, Thailand

วันนี้น้องลิลลี่เขาบ่นคิดถึงอาแม็ท ผมเลยบอกเขาว่า งั้นเรามาถ่ายรูปให้อาแม็ทซิ ที่เหลือก็เป็นอีเมลจาก เอ็ลเดอร์แม็ท บุญมี
We came home from church today and Lilly told us how much she misses her uncle, Elder Matt Boonmee. To help her, we asked if she wanted to take some pictures to send to her uncle (since Sunday is Elder Matt Boonmee's P-Day).

"We took couple pictures of her and sent them to Elder Matt Boonmee.  In addition, we also updated him about our ward and about the opportunity we had, to substitute in CTR 3-7, Daysie's primary class, as teachers. The lesson was on "Paying Tithing". We told him about the games and activities we had in class with the children. Below is Elder Matt Boonmee email to us.

Keep sending photos, I want to just see them as they are (referring to the picture of his niece, Lilly). 

Yeah I just got an email from him (Elder Drew Jex, who returned home to Provo, Utah after he trained elder Matt Boonmee), I haven't read it yet but I'm excited.
The area we are in is a branch. The members are a little funny and loving,
but we will work hard to try to make this a more functioning branch. It's been a little hard on the work, this pass week,  because we have to do a lot of moving and getting things out of the Sisters old apartment. But we received some new instruction on our missionary work. President Senior sent a video that was talking about our mission. It really helped me become a more faith filled missionary. Sometimes, you feel that the work is a routine and redundant, like a check list we go through from day to day, but really,  it's how much faith you have in the Lord. All things are possible with the Lord. I am constantly reminded that this is not our work. This isn't some vacation, but this is the work of salvation. Helping our Brothers and Sisters come back unto Christ.

That is all I've got for today. I don't have much else. Tell everyone I love them!

Also that black mask thing is a liquid latex thing. Elder Beebe and I did it. It was pretty funny."
New investigator brought us donuts

Being goofy
Yeah! its me
Us being weird

Another goofy picture of us

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