Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 26 - Bangkhen, Thailand (August 24, 2014)

Everything is good here in BangKhen. We had a baptism yesterday. Little did we know how important this was for her family. Her name is Sister หญิง (Ying). Her parents were members already, and we thought that she was already a member as well. Turned out she hadn't been baptized. So her mom wanted us to start teaching her. Normally, when Elders in Thailand teach, we usually go through the lessons and get it done very fast. In sister หญิง (Ying) case however, her mom just wanted us to teach her the prayer. So that's what we did. But the next lesson we had, was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before I continue, let me also put some small background on their family.

Sister หญิง (Ying)'s mom had always wanted her to go to church but she wouldn't. She never liked church or wanted to go. Her mom was constantly working in different areas so she didn't live with her mom. Nonetheless, her mom never gave up. He mom prayed everyday that she could see her daughter be baptized. By the hands of the lord and her mother's prayers, she was, now, taking the lesson with us.

We extended the baptismal commitment and Sister หญิง accepted it with no hesitation. Her mom was in shock and just said, "What? Wait, this is your own choice you know that right?" and Sister หญิง said, "I want to be Baptized. Her mom was so happy and just started hugging her during the lesson.

I was so thankful and honored to play a part, as an instrument in heavenly father's hands. Elder Hill and I had very little to nothing to do with this. We were such a small part in what the Lord had already prepared. We were honored to have been a part of her Baptism.

Sometimes I never know how much of an effect missionary work has on others. I feel like we are constantly working, have no clue how important and amazing our work is. But then, there it was, a Baptism.

I can't believe how old Lilly and Daysie look. They look like teenagers. I hope they aren't taller than me in the future.... You are raising very expensive granddaughters. That is all up to you.

Physically, I have been exercising every morning in the Gym. I think I'm about 65 Kilos now? I don't think I've changed much.
Spiritually, I have received so many answers to prayers in this small time of missionary work.

I hope that was more than the last few weeks, I just don't ever know what to say. The days are all mushing together.

Elder Boonmee

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