Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 25 - Bangkhen, Thailand (August 18, 2014)

Today started out as usual, my wife and I,  sat and waited for Elder Matt Boonmee's email to pop up. We ended up waiting for quite sometime, util we realized he was going on a P-day excursion, to an ancient Wat in the province of Ayudhaya. This was the first excursion with his cousin, Elder Jacob Smith, who is serving in the, nearby, district of Rangsit.

Here are some pictures and mission update for this week from him.

"Today we went to Ayuthaya.

For Mom

Me with a Swag

It was a lot of fun. Everyone got sun burnt except for me. Our district met up with the Rangsit Elders (Jacob Smith) to visit wats (Budhist Temples) and other places." 

While there, elder Matt Boonmee and elder Jacob Smith were able to re-enact couple scenes from their, favorite, childhood show, the Mortal Combat.
Also, just for fun, he did a re-take of the following picture.

Motal Combat with my cousin Elder Smith

Mortal Combat with my cousin

When I was 2

Now back to his update.

"This past week was good. The work has been paying off. This coming week, we should be seeing 2 of our investigators baptized. There seem pretty definite. One, is a daughter of members. She is the last in her family to be baptized into the church. We get to have a small part in bringing their family together. I feel honored to teach her family. Then there should be a very solid taxi driver. We met him while we
were on our way to go get my suit fitted. It is neat to see the way the Lord prepares others. We only play a small part. I am still trying to work my hardest and try to keep my faith going. In other words, we took some really funny photos at a wat that they filmed Mortal Kombat at. Elder Smith and I were re-living our childhood. Then a photo of my new blue suit.

My new blue suite

Love Elder Boonmee"

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