Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 23 - Bangkhen, Thailand (August 3, 2014)

This week began as usual, I had an email client opened, while doing some work, waiting for Elder Boonmee to come online with his email. At about 7:30pm MST, his email popped up. His first paragraph was,

"So some manner of business. Can I get some Old spice Fiji dry deoderant, a new buzzer razor thing. The thing that cuts nose hairs and such, preferably water proof. Then one of those fore arm clenchers that works out the forearms, then some docker pants. My waist size is 32 and the length about 28. Just get some that are as skinny as possible." 

I guess we have some shopping to do. In addition to this, he did say he had just picked up a suit from a famous tailor shop near by. I asked how he liked it and his response was, "It has huge pads on the shoulders. It looks like im a football player" I chuckled and said, you should take it back and have him fix it for you. His response was,  "I tried and he said it wouldn't look good. He is an old dude and he thinks looking that way is still in style." I smiled because this is Elder Matt Boonme's typical humor. So, on with Elder Matt Boonmee's update.

"This past week was a pretty good week. The contacting and missionary work are going well."  Elder Matt Boonmee said he is able to understand 80% percent of what reads, in Thai. I was talking to his mom as I read Elder Boonmee's email, and made a comment "Isn't it amazing how the Lord blesses his missionaries? It has only been 7 months and he already reading Thai." Having Thai as my birth language, I know how long it took me, to learn to read and write thai. Anyway, this post is not about me. I'm just so amazed by things that can only be explained as a miracle. I truly believe that God lives and performs miracles today, just as he did since the beginning of man. With that said, lets continue with Elder Matt Boonmee's letter below.

"I have one experience that happened this past Saturday. I was reading in the scriptures and I ran into one of the "ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be open unto you" verse. And lately I had felt a little bit like I wasn't connected with the Lord. I felt I was more of a salesman than a missionary. I needed confirmation form the lord, that what I was doing was right and that he cares about me. I fasted, asking for his confirmation.

The day went on as usual, not knowing what to expect. We had a lesson later that day with some Recent Converts of ours. As time went the conversation led to our own testimonies as missionaries. I could feel the spirit so strong. I was pulling experiences in my life that I couldn't remember. I was able to retell these spiritual experiences to the recent converts, but especially myself. I was reassured by my own testimony that the church is true and that this has a purpose. 

All is well and I hope you are doing well, tell Kelly happy birthday!

Elder Boonmee"

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