Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 9, sakon Nakorn, Thailand (April 21, 2014)

Songkraan was very fun. We didn't get the luxury of having a pickup truck take us around. We walked up and down the streets with buckets and just asked people if we could use their water. I'll send some photos your way. I don't have a lot of pictures because there was no way of taking it with me without it getting wet...

...Here are some highlights from the week.

Monday- It was the second day of Songkraan and p-day. Elder Tanner got attacked by old grandmas trying to splash him, Elder Astle got kissed by a ka-toey and Elder Jex got asked and clawed to have halfie kids with a lady (Thais love to tease American). The funniest was when we were all headed down the street and there was a ka-toey's house. They saw us and said, "Hello!!!" and started walking towards us. As soon as we saw, we turned and ran... so did the ka-toey. We ran for our lives. One key point I got was whenever the white elders would splash cars, the Khon Thais would love it! But as soon as they saw me, they looked like they wanted to kill me haha

Tuesday- Last day of Songkraan. Pretty much the same day as Monday. We got Pang (scented powdered) smeared all over us. 

Wednesday- We had a lesson with our investigator Sister Nang. She is so amazing. I remember the first time we met her, she was planning on giving us the Book of Mormon back to us but we reassured to her that this is the best thing she could ever do. She was baptized Yesterday on Sunday.

Thursday- We had another awesome investigator named Sister Bii. We met her on the street as she was selling her food. I remember the first few lessons we asked her, will you follow these commandments and she would always say, "If it's true.. Definitely." She has definitely realized this is true and was baptized yesterday as well!
Friday- Not too good of a day. The couple that got baptized last week, didn't want to follow through with the church. They needed to receive the Holy Ghost but they just basically told us, "Their family is Buddhist, and they are too." It was definitely really hard to hear.

Saturday- Not too much happened. Mountain Dew was having a promotion in the same area as I was inviting. They were giving out free mountain dews, you know, to get every hooked on it. 

Sunday- We had the baptism of Sister Bii and Sister Nang. They are so awesome. I am so excited for them.

I realize as time goes on, the only reason why people fall away or don't progress, is because they don't read the Book of Mormon everyday, pray everyday, and don't go to church every week. Those are three principle facts that need to be followed. They are so important. So I hope you can find joy in everyday and turn outwards, instead of inwards.

Look up a talk by David A Bednar called "The Character of Christ"

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