Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 7. Sakon Nakorn, Thailand

This week Elder Matt Boonmee had a visit from Brother Boothom, the sunday school district leader from Udon, about 300 Kilometers from Sakon Nakon province. Brother Boonthom serviced a mission prior to me in the 80's. The following is from Elder Matt Boonmee.

"...Brother Boonthom told me that he remembered you. When Elder Brown was baring his testimony he said my name and Brother Boonthom said he remember the name..." other than that. "...
Not too much happened this week, we had some pretty hard lessons with an investigator but she doesn't want to follow through. 

Songkraan  (annual water festival) is starting this Saturday.

I forgot my journal so I can't remember what happened during the week. One thing I do remember was when I was feeling super down about talking to that one guy the other week, and felt down about how many people were just rejecting us, so I said a prayer in my head asking the lord to give me comfort and to show that he really is there. It was extremely cloudy and rainy, so I asked just to show a sliver of light in the sky. So we went and took a break at the house and when I came out, I was tucking my pants into my sock (Because of my bike) the sun shined right where I put my foot up. The sun shined through the clouds, through the apartment complex and right to me. I know he is there for me and will always be there. "

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