Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 20 - Bangkhen, Thailand (A visit from Thailand side of the family)

วันนี้มี update เพราะมีญาติฝ่ายคุณแม่มาเยี่ยมน้องแม็ทที่บางเขน.

Just a little update. Today (Monday Bangkok), elder Matt Boonmee had a first visit from his aunts, uncle, and cousins who live near by, in Bangkhen and Nonthaburi area.

He hasn't seen them since he was three years old. So I'm sure he was very excited to see them all.


Last week we mentioned that elder Matt Boonmee has moved from Sakon Nakhon to Bangkhen district. This is the first place where he has his Thailand side of the family near by. His aunts and uncles just happened to live only a mile or two away (Bangkok time, it's about 45 minutes drive, depending on whether or not it's rush hour).  We gave him the information about them and ask that he give them a call. The following is his report.

"I tried calling aunt Noi and the phone isn't working. It keeps saying the phone isn't in service or hasn't been made yet. Is it the wrong number? can you give it to me again, maybe I wrote it wrong or something because I've been trying to call it for the past week.

This week we have some solid investigators coming to church. One said that she has been praying everyday and she has been receiving answers through her prayers. It's really cool to see how the spirit works through others. Today I'm planning on getting a suit cut. But not all too much again, just a lot of contacting and a lot of lessons. I had a cool experience a few weeks ago. I felt bad about something and I asked the Lord to forgive me and show me somehow that he has forgiven me. So the next day as I was studying the Book of Mormon, I came up in Mosiah 26 (โม​ไซยาห์ 26). 

It was very focused on forgiveness. It was a wonderful experience for me. It showed me the importance of the scriptures in my life. Well that's all I have. 

Love Elder Boonmee"

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