Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 41- Surin, Thailand ( December 7, 2014)

So last Monday I got my haircut REALLY short. I didn't intend on it, but that's what the barber thought I said... (Elder Matt Boonmee is really particular about his hair. We used to call him Mr. GQ at home. His hair has never been out of place. So this is really big for him. We could only imagine how disappointed he was when we saw this email from him)

Yes is was a version of hot pot stuff. We really didn't do anything special for thanksgiving. We just did normal work, then ate at that place.

Yeah, there are always alteration places everywhere so I should have no problem. Thanks!
This week we had Zone training in Khon kean. We went out to eat at what they call a "Buffet".... more like, "all you can eat!......until the first tray is gone, then we have no more." It was some pretty awful food, and it was Thai food as well. I had better food on the streets than in this "Fancy" hotel. After that we went to the Church and had the devotional and what not. As a gift for us, president Senior had a blueprint for the plan of salvation. Pretty much what God would have planned. I will have to show it to you later. It is amazing.

I met up with almost all of my district except two elders. I also got to play a musical piece for it on the guitar. I played my favorite Christmas song, "O Holy Night" Other than that, not too much happened this week. I love you all, and hopefully you saw the other email about the calling.
also, what is my blood type? I have no idea. And did you do that social security thing that I sent you? If not can you send it to me in Thai english? I need that ASAP.

Elder Boonmee

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