Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elder Matt Boonme's Christmas letter

We received a, mailed, Christmas letter from Elder Matt Boonmee on Friday. Elder Boonmee is doing well and said "...Merry Christmas..." to everyone. He was really excited to have received goodies package we sent to him. "...I really needed it!. I am always hungry, and I can't take the food out of the cafeteria. So, thanks!...".

Now, for those who know us, our family has a habit of snacking before bedtime. Fortunately, and just in-time, he did received our package sent to him for Christmas. As mentioned in the last post, Elder Matt Boonmee, is in a Tri-Companionship, with Elder Saveage and Elder Lingard. Elder Savage is a 21 year old from Layton, Utah. He served in the US Army and was deployed in Afghanistan during his tour. Elder Lingard is very "...hilarious...", from Arizona. He's the "...whitest kid on earth. He's got great facial expressions.".

Elder Matt Boonmee loves his companions. The companionship has already taught investigators several times since he's been in the MTC. The first couple times were "...horrible...". The last time, prior to the lesson, "...I prayed and asked for guidance on the next day for our lesson. The next day, we taught the investigator and did awesome!. We made sure we could understand her, and we did! It was awesome seeing God's hand in our work. If you ask with the right heart and mind, he will help and answer your prayers. The rest of the days are just studying. So there isn't much to say. I can pray and bare my testimony in Thai. I can also have casual talk in Thai."

 Elder Matt Boonmee sends his love to his friends and family. He wasn't able to send any photos due to the lack of time but promised to send them as soon as he can get them uploaded. For now, I took a picture of the doodle of himself and Elder Lingard in his letter and posted it with this message.