Monday, December 23, 2013

We received Elder Matthew Boonmee's first letter from the MTC today. He indicated that he misses everyone but "... I wouldn't miss this for the world. I love it here. It is the greatest thing on earth. Each day has a spiritual experience or it has some trials, then I receive answers to my trials the next day. My Thai is slowly coming along. I have the Prayer and my Testimony memorized in Thai. My pronunciation is good, I think the hardest part is understanding it, or catching words. It is very hard for me. We had to teach a Thai investigator on the third day, so that was really hard."

Elder Matt Boonme is in a Tri-Companionship with one elder from the Army who is 21 years old and another from Arizona (he didn't mention their names) who "... reminds me of steve martin acting in the pink panther." Elder Matt Boonmee, said he had lots of pictures but still trying to figure out how to upload them. He didn't have a lot of time today, but will have one hour on Wednesday, 25th, to try to upload the pictures. So, stay tuned!