Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's been a full month since Elder Matthew Boonmee left for the Provo, Utah MTC. Learning Thai, his parent's, language has been slow but steady. Here's the quote from his January 8 letter.

"...I realize what an amazing thing I am doing here. I am surrounded by Elders and sisters who are here for the same purpose. I feel the spirit so strongly here. Sometimes during personal study, I just sit there and smile to myself and think, "wow, I'm really here." The language is coming along, but very slowly. I am not worried about the language at all. I know the lord will help me through anything. Because I am basically just a megaphone for him. To spread the gospel. I think in analogies so hopefully this doesn't sound too weird. We are like waddling penguins trying to get to the water, we are slowly moving and once we get to the water, we take off. I see myself as a penguin with no feet rolling around on the ground trying to get to the water. but once I get there, I'll take off. I am relating that to the language. So I have no worries about the language at all. The only way I have been able to teach my investigators is through the sword of the spirit. I may not know how to say a whole lot, but I do know how to speak from my heart.

Last week, P-Day,  Elder Matt Boonmee had an opportunity to go to the LDS (Mormon) temple for the endowment on behalf of his Grandfather, on his mother's side. For those that don't understand, in our church, we believe we  can be together forever, even after this life.

Before I continue, little context is needed.  Since he was two years old, and as the first Grand-son, Elder Boonmee has always had a special connection with Grandpa Inkon.  Unfortunately, Grandpa Inkon went home to heavenly father, our God, only couple shortly after he and Grandma Inkon returned to Thailand.

When Elder Boonmee was four years old,  we noticed him looking out the dining room window, almost as though he was hypnotized. When asked what he was looking at, Elder Boonmee responded with finger pointing "Grandpa". We related that story to him from time to time as he was growing up. Ever since, Elder Boonmee, had always had a plan to take his Grandpa to the LDS(Mormon) temple. Before he left on his mission, he was able to baptize, and confirm, by proxy, his Grandpa at the Draper temple.

This past week, Elder Boonmee went to the Provo, Utah temple, to complete the endowment for Grandpa Inkon. The following is what Elder Boonmee related to us in his letter to us.

 "..what an experience. The night before, I prayed and asked heavenly father that he would allow me to feel Grandpa's presence. As soon as I finished, I felt like something or someone put their hands on my head. I don't know how others would take it. For me,  it is an experience I will hold near and dear to my heart."

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