Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 35 - Surin, Thailand (October 26, 2014)

Dear Family,

Once again I wont be able to expound on my personal studies of the Book of Mormon, because I am headed to Buriram pretty soon. It would be cool if I could see some photos from that conference because we don't see anything about that anymore.

Well this week was very eventful. On Tuesday our Thai family came to see me. It was little odd because I don't remember any of them. They all remembered me, but I didn't. To me, it was the first time seeing everyone. They also came back another time on Saturday, but not all of them. Just the two aunts and their family.

Elder Beebe and I brought up the Plan of Salvation. We taught them a bunch of things. It was all new things for them so I'm sure they felt odd a little bit. But I told them to pray and other things as well. I'm really hoping that they try it. It would awesome to see them be baptized. The thing is, is that they live in Korat. So it was a 4-5 hour drive to come here.

Then on Sunday we had a baptism. Sister พิมพ์ has been a long going investigator. She has been waiting about 3 months to be baptized because her dad wouldn't give her permission. This whole transfer we have been trying hard with her, and finally she got permission.

A little back story of her is that the missionaries didn't contact her. She walked straight into the church. She said that she just felt that Buddhism wasn't right, so she just decided to go to a Christian church. She asked a friend that had seen our church or something. But when she was looking for the church, she just parked her scooter and was thinking about where the church was. Turns out she was right in front of the church. So as time went on, and she was awesome. She should have been baptized a long time ago.

The Lord was helping her with everything. For sure. In the end, her Dad even came to support her for the Baptism. It was awesome to have a small part in conversion.

I love you all and tell everyone that also!
Elder Boonmee

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