Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 34 - Surin, Thailand (October 21, 2014)

So last Monday we went to Elephant city. It was awesome!! I can't believe the elephants are so huge.

While there, we got to see the little show that they had, but the best part wasn't in the actual elephant place. We walked out a little bit further out of that area, and just found a person and asked him if we could ride his elephants, and he said yes! So we got to ride four elephants, I got my own. As we rode around we just kept seeing more and more elephants. I also rode the elephant into a little lake as well. It was amazing, we just rode them bare back.

Then on Tuesday we went to Buriram for district meeting. That was just pretty normal.

For Wednesday we taught a couple of lessons. We called a past investigator and turned out she was awesome! She is so ready, the only thing is that her dad is Muslim and doesn't want her to be Christian. So we will wait for that.

Thursday was a normal day. We went to teach lessons and inviting.

Friday we went on switch offs with the Buriram Elders, I was with Elder Burke who is in my group, he was just in the other district, so we are pretty good friends. Later in the night we just prepared for this huge meeting in khon kaen.

Saturday we rode a สองแถว
for the whole 4 hours. It was awful. Then once we got there, we had the opportunity to see all of the three different districts. SUCH AS SAKON NAKHON!!! I got to see everyone again. It was so awesome to see them! I missed Sakon Nakhon. So it was awesome to catch up and talk to them again.

Then on Sunday we had the main meeting which was the biggest change there. We found out that they are making Khon kaen and Ubon become one district. It will help us get closer to stakes, then to a temple. After that we got to eat and once again I talked to Sakon Nakhon and got a photo with them all.
My people from Sakon Nakohrn
Then the missionaries went to the Khon Kaen Church and we had a special devotional with Elder Gong, and we also had special permission to partake of the Sacrament for this event. Before we had the sacrament, Elder Gong gave a wonderful talk about the atonement. The Spirit was so strong. He explained how we can always remember the savior. Elder Gong quoted this talk, "This do in remembrance of me". We should always have a spiritual experience whenever we partake of the sacrament. Then on Monday we had zone training. Elder Gong instructed us on what needed to be done before we could get to having a temple. It was a great week here.

Hope you weren't too worried that I didn't email yesterday. Tell everyone I love them!
Elder Boonmee

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