Friday, October 24, 2014

Week 33 - Surin, Thailand (October 12, 2014)

Lilly and Daysie had a Roadrunner Fundraiser at their school this week. Took the morning off from the office to go watch them. Daysie's run was at 9:15 am in the morning. She did 13 laps and Lilly had hers at 11 am where she ran 15 laps. Needless to say, I owe each them some money this week.

Grandma Capps was visiting from Idaho and was able to see Lilly run but missed Daysie in the morning. It was hilarious when Daysie came walking out of school and saw Great Grandma at Lilly's run. She was so upset great-grandma wasn't at her run (Daysie has this walk where she lowers her shoulders, slump her back, and walks when she's upset. That's what she did when she saw great-grandma, from 50 yards away, as she stomped her feet). Great-Grandma asked "what's the matter honey?" That's when Daysie said, with a really upset voice, "you didn't come to mine but you came to Lilly!"

Little background, grandma didn't know about Lilly and Daysie's run, until I told her about Lilly. That's when she said to pick her up from aunt Melody so she can come to watch the run.  Then, in the evening, Daysie really let Wan, my wife, know how disappointed she was. She said, "grandma , you didn't come to my run" Wan responded by saying "Aww, I'm sorry, I had to work". Guess what Daysie said? She said, "well, grandpa worked, but he came". Here are some videos of Daysie and Lilly I sent to Elder Matt Boonmee. The following is Elder Matt Boonmee email response to us.

"...Holy cow, they are soooooo grown up! Tell them DON"T FORGET ME!!...Conference was awesome. This is my second conference out on the mission. I remember the last one like yesterday, I can't believe that I'm already almost at my year mark! I have only 2 more months until I'm there.

We went to the church for conference. Then we went into a different room for it in English.
Scripture studies has been great for me. I have learned so much. I also learned a little bit of the historical background of the sons of Mosiah. I will expound a little more in a later email. But I've been studying about temples as well. Going to the temple regularly is sooooo important. ...great reading in the "Preparing to enter the temple" And it goes really deep into all that kind of stuff.

I've also been reading in Jesus the Christ. It talks about almost every single thing that happened in Jesus' life, before, during, and after. It is a great one as well.

In the Book of Mormon, I've read it all before, but now I'm in the war chapters. Ever since I've studied about the background of it, the fact that at that point the Nephites are now in a democracy just barely changing from the monarchy, but that is for another email to talk about. But just a little taste, is that The Sons of Mosiah are Princes. I'll talk about that more.

Today we are going to Moo Baan Chaang (The Elephant Village) to go see elephants, so I hope the lack of photos this week will be made up by next weeks photos.

Anyways, I have to go, the bus is leaving soon!
Love Elder Boonmee"

Daysie's run

Lilly's run

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