Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 45 - Surin, Thailand (Jan 4, 2015)

This week we reported on Elder Matt Boonmee's friends, Elder Cooper, Elder Richardson, Sister Burr, and Elder Claflin. We also told him many from our ward are coming home soon. Lilly also sent this fire-spitting dragon to her uncle.

Elder Matt Boonmee responded as follow:

"Dear Famaree,

I didn't see any videos or emails from mom. Maybe you sent it to the wrong email? Yeah I saw the photo of him with it. They have that same thing here in Thailand.

It's weird to think that so many people are coming home now. I only have 11 months left and Jacob has only 3 more transfers then he is back home with you all.

Not too much has happened in the last three days. Just slow work because EVERYONE is gone. But we should be back to normal now. 

Keep praying, keep reading the scriptures, and keep going to church. Also, If you ever have the chance go to deseret book and buy something called the handbook for missionaries. It's got a lot of cool facts about the church and what a lot of investigators have asked before.

Love you all!

Elder Boonmee"

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