Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 48 - From Surin to Khonkaen, Thailand (Jan 25, 2015)

Transfers was good. I guess I will just start out with what happened this past week.

So on the last few days of being in Surin, I started to realize I was really going to miss them. They are great people. Surin is one my favorite places, if not the favorite. It was a hard place but I learned so much from the area, as well as loved the members.

After we left Surin at 12 in the morning we got to the place at about 6 in the morning and headed to transfers. Saw a lot of past companions and all that stuff. I got a photo with some of the past companions. Then we had transfers meeting. I have a new companion who is actually Elder Jacob Smith's trainee. So I guess it's like I'm his step uncle or something like that. He is a funny guy. And that I was headed to Khon Kaen. Still in the Isan. I have only been out of the Isan for 12 weeks when I was in Bangkhen. I guess I'm just an Isan kid. I've been working on my Isan so hopefully I can speak to grandma.

I've been to Khon Kaen twice for zone conferences so I'm a little bit familiar with the area.

I can't wait to see what is in store. The district is pretty young. I'm the district leader and the rest are pretty young in the mission. It's really different, I realize I'm getting a little old now a days.

Anyways, love you all and I will see you on December 18 which is my finishing date.

Elder Boonmee

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