Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Leaving for Bangkok, Thailand.

Elder Matt Boonmee left for Bangkok with his group yesterday 4:30pm. What a great group of young men and young ladies. We are so proud of them all, for making such a sacrifice to serve their father in heaven and the people of Thailand. 

They landed in San Francisco safely, with Brother and Sister Rob/Tove (the parent of one of the elder in the group) waiting to treat them with food while they waited 5 hours for their flight to Hong Kong. We don't know Brother/Sister Rob/Tove personally, but we know from our son's call to us before he and his group boarded the plane, that they are truely our brother and sister. Thank you, Brother/Sister Rob/Tove.

A little update on their trip from Salt Lake City to San Francisco. Everything went well, except for one minor, very minor hiccup ... :) I can smile because of the outcome that follows.

The missionaries arrived in San Francisco around 7PM PST. They proceeded to check-in for their next destination, Hong Hong. This was when one of the sister missionary realized she did not have her passport booklet. She had it to check-in at the Salt Lake Airport. However, somewhere between Salt Lake and San Francisco, her passport went missing.

I can only imagine, how the young lady felt. Delta airline search their planed many times but without success. They had several hours before their 11pm flight. On his call to us, Elder Matt Boonmee, seemed sad but confident at the same time. In his voice, he knew that, without the passport, the sister will not be able to board the plane to Thailand with them. Her mission assignment will be in question. 

Fortunately, Borther/Sister Rob/Tove were there to comfort them. Elder Matt Boonmee said the missionaries turn to the only one person they knew, that can do the impossible. They offered their prayer as a group, to ask for a miracle. This was around 7:30pm PST. 

Around 11pm, I received a call from Elder Matt Boonmee, at the gate, in the process of boarding the plane. His voice changed, he said, "..they found it..", after hours, and several searches, they found the sister's passport. She wasn't able to fly with the elders but will follow them on Thursday.

What an experience for these young people. A faith building experience. God does listen to sincere prayers offer by his children. This is proof. Those that wonder, I offer my own testimony that I know God lives. This is not an isolated incidence or coincidence. I've seen God's miracles many times in my own life. Just thought I should share.

กอดแม่. A mom's hug.

หัวใจแม่. A proud mom.
Our friend, Brother Tamang. He was there to surprise his son, Elder Tamang. Unfortunately, he missed his son, who left for Thailand couple hours prior to Elder Matt Boonmee's group

San Francisco