Friday, June 13, 2014

Week 13 Sakon Nakhon, Thailand (May 18, 2014)

A little context about the guitar. Elder Matt Boonmee's new companion, Elder Hogan, loves music. He's from Provo. Elder Matt Boonmee mentioned that they were both members of their respective high school percussion band. In fact, I believe they have even competed in the past. Anyway, Elder Hogan brought his guitar with him to Sakhon Nakhon so Elder Matt Boonmee went and bought himself one as well. When I was my mission, ages ago, one of the activity we did was to have family home evening night at the church where we invited members, and investigators to attend. We would have such activities as; games, volleyball, trakraw, even singing, and etc...  After a while, the family home evening nights became quite popular with both members and investigators.

When Elder Matt Boonmee told me about Elder Hogan, I had suggested that the two of them should work with members to plan something fun for family home evening nights where the two of them can play guitars. So, below is Elder Matt Boonmee's reponse to my suggestion.

"...We haven't done a whole lot with the guitars and contacting. We aren't really sure how we are supposed to contact people with it.

My Thai is good. The members are great as always. This past week has been pretty great, we have some new investigators that should be baptized this coming Sunday! We are trying really hard for all these investigators but now it really is up to the lord and them.

Yesterday, an older gentleman came and argued with me about boon (Buddhist merits) and baab (sin). I could tell he wasn't there to listen to what we had to share. He was very confrontational so I just said thank you for your time and chokedii (Good Day/Good bye). That was probably the first time that I really felt angry at someone, but I ended it with what I thought was the best way. It is so hard, at times, when all you want to do is to share what you believe is so precious but all they think is that we are trying to convert them. We as missionaries and members desiring salvation for our brothers and sisters. Our desire is to have all of our brothers and sisters with us in the next life, with our father in heaven.

I also had a really awesome studies this morning. I read in Jacob 5 and it was about the olive tree and grafting of the branches. It really helped me understand how merciful the lord is and how important the restoration is.

on the other note, I ate a lot of kuay teiw (Thai Noodle soup) this past week. tasty as always.

I didn't any new photos because not much has changed. We might go eat at a hot pot place today. It's a buffet so I am really excited"

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