Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 18 - Bangkhen, Thailand (I just got transferred!)

The Elephant Tower in the back
I'm no longer where you think I am.

I will start with Monday. I had the feeling that I was moving, so I was planning for it. Then we got a phone call late at night that said that I was moving out of Sakon Nakhon. I called the members telling them that I was leaving. I really love it in Sakon Nakhon. They are like my other family for sure. I will definitely go back and visit them again.

Then the next day I had to get packed, and say final goodbyes to members and such.

Then it was Wednesday, I had to wake up early and head to Bangkok where the transfer meeting was. We got there really late at night and we asked the บางเขน (Bangkhen) Elders if we could stay there for the night.
The Elephant Tower
Turned out that there were other Elders there as well. So we had about 10 Elders in one condo.

Their house was super nice compared to what I had in Sakon. Then I woke up and looked out the window and just said, "I would hate to be here only seeing buildings." Then we went to the meeting, I met my trainer and he just went home.

Elder Drew Jex. He is now back in American Fork. So I got a new companion named Elder Hill. He is a pretty cool guy. Then I found out that we were going to บางเขน! (Bangkhen) I have to go back to the place that I stayed the night at and live there!

It also turned out that we were white washing in to the area. So both of us are fresh in the area. Then on Friday we got to meet some of the members on sports day. It was super fun. And we have an actual church! Then on Saturday it was pretty normal. We had lessons then Book of Mormon class. Then on Sunday I met the rest of the members in the WARD. I'm in a ward.

Also I found out President Sangsawan (our family friend from Salt Lake City, now serving as the first counselor to the Mission President) is in this Ward as well, He says Hi. I still miss Sakon Nakhon a lot, but I am needed in บางเขน (Bangkhen). There are so many people here. And I walk everywhere instead of biking.

Anyways, I'm really excited for this transfer!

Love Elder Boonmee

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