Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 14 - Sakon Nakhon, Thailand (May 25th, 2014)

This past week was really strange. We got news that we can use facebook as missionaries. We make new accounts and what not. The purpose of it is to stay in contact with our recent converts and investigators. I can only be friends with people in the areas I have served. So I can only add people in Sakon Nakhon so far.

Then with the coup. The first day the mission office told us that we can't go out of our houses. The whole day was pretty strange. Here, in Sakon Nakhon, nothing is happening. It is very normal here. The only place that I know of, close by, is Udorn. They have some riots. But here in Sakon we are pretty safe. So currently all missionaries can't go out contacting. We have to keep low profiles and just stay safe. 

We had one of our investigators baptized yesterday!
Her name is Sister แบม (Bam). She is 17 and she isreally great. I met her at the park and she was just interested in what the church was all about and now she is a member! It's great seeing the spirit work in people. It might be a little bit more difficult to get some new investigators right now, but the lord is preparing people. 

We had an emergency transfer here so Elder Astle (District Leader) is moving to Ubon and we are having a new Elder come to Sakon. He was pretty bummed out because he didn't have a proper goodbye to members.

The members in this branch are some of the best I've seen. I think back at home and I realize I didn't know anything about the missionaries. So I will learn from that and become more close with the branch and will try my best to do better as a missionary.

Other than that, not too much for this week because we've been stuck at the house but I love you all and hope to hear from you next week!

Elder Boonmee

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